Innovative network components

The challenge

Once deployed, reliability and speed is a crucial element in most of our applications. And there’s a third challenge of the long lifetime of many industrial applications. This will require corresponding solutions to provide the quality of support we strive to give our customers.

The benefits

LTE represents not just speed but also stability – being the most advanced, mature and prevalent cellular platform today. As gateways are a key and critical node in any network, so this reliability is critical to our client’s operations and our success.

Why choose Techship

We find the approach by Techship to be very collaborative rather than just transactional. From product range and pricing to responsiveness and reliability of supply, the quality of Techship’s service make it easy for us as customers.

Products used in this case

“From the get go, Techship proved to have a keen awareness and understanding of our goals and requirements. And they have also been able to support us in these needs well. I would say Techship is a crucial long-term partner of Amplified Engineering”

/ Stanley Chong, Senior Solutions Manager Amplified Engineering

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Techship is helping customers all over the world to integrate wireless components in their systems and products. Below some of the many customer projects Techship has been involved in and what the customers think about us…

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