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20 November 2018


ARECO is a French company specializing in the conservation of fresh products. Focusing on innovation, ARECO is a European leader in nebulization and has several subsidiaries and distributors worldwide. In France, the company provides solutions in the following areas: fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat, cheese, wine making, industrial solutions and disinfection. The company has acquired several patents allowing it to optimize the efficiency of its solutions by maximizing the potential of its technology. The nebulization technology has many benefits in terms of conservation, preservation of products, decontamination of cleanrooms and energy savings.

ARECO Nebulization - Cold vapor system

New IoT project enables remotely monitored nebulizers

The Challenge

The challenge is to enhance a faster and simpler monitoring of our nebulizers. To enable us to monitor our nebulizers remotely through our new IoT project. In the end of the year we will have produced more than 200 units (twice what we expected) and we plan to double this quantity next year.

The Benefits

IoT monitoring will shorten reactiveness and minimize on site travels. It will improve the maintenance of our products, anticipate breakdowns, and remotely help our worldwide technical support.

Why choose Techship

Techship has proven to be very responsive and quick, providing a high level service, good technical advice and assistance when it comes to choose the best products and supply schedule of our ramping up new products.


"Techship has helped us implementing our new IOT solution. They have also given us a high level support both on the technical side and for supply schedule."

/ Benoit Rey , CEO, ARECO

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