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12 December 2018


Cleveron is a fast growing software company, the innovation leader in the retail click and collect pickup automation. We develop unique robotic solutions for the last mile delivery for both retail and logistics sectors. Our automated parcel robots Cleveron 401 and Cleveron 402, used by Walmart and Zara, will change the understanding of efficient high volume parcel delivery as well as user comfort since they save time and money for both the retailer and the consumer. The Cleveron 301 parcel locker is one of the most affordable parcel lockers so even small businesses can provide a parcel locker service. Our parcel locker Cleveron 302 is used by the biggest names in the logistics business. We also have the home parcel locker Cleveron 201 designed for private use, so you will never have to wait for the courier to deliver your mail, parcels or groceries.

Click and collect pickup automation

The challenge

Our goal is to save time for the consumers. Our products are designed to provide great customer experience no matter the customers location and in order to do this, our products need reliable wireless connectivity with the right technology.

The benefits

Our parcel delivery systems allow our customers – retailers or logistics companies – to automate their parcel delivery processes. They can manage a high volume of parcels effectively and provide the best customer experienece for the end-user since their clients don’t have to wait in line to receive their online orders. With a wireless modem our products are not dependent on wired connections on site. The wireless system allows us to provide remote support and maintenance anytime and anywhere in the world.

Why choose Techship

Techship has a good understanding of the wireless components market and technologies and can provide us with up to date information vital to our integration. With generally good stock levels and price, they can deliver when we need it, at the price we need. When their products are nearing end of life, they will supply us with alternatives and are proactive in their communication, helpful and responsive.


"Working with Techship is always a pleasure: reliable delivery time and high-quality products with no issues, not to mention their flawless customer service which helps you to find the best solution."

/ Kaire Ott, Purchasing specialist, Cleveron

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Techship is helping customers all over the world to integrate wireless components in their systems and products. Below some of the many customer projects Techship has been involved in and what the customers think about us…

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