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06 April 2018

Commsquare Hellas

Commsquare Hellas Ltd provide mobile data network monitoring, analysis and optimisation products and services, helping Mobile Operators measure network performance and extract actionable business intelligence. The Commsquare product portfolio and expert services deliver a holistic view of radio access and PS data network performance from a subscriber’s point of view and offer smart insights on how applications and services are used over the network.

DAP – Distributed Active Probing

The challenge

To equip our active probes with high quality HW components, including the fastest radio modems that exist in the market. For this we need a partner that offers quick delivery times, good technical support, smooth communication and outstanding cooperation.

The benefits

We equip our HW platform with modems, antennas and pigtails. We put our own SW on this platform and create active probes, that is testing robots that are used by mobile operators, ISPs, regulators, etc. for testing and monitoring the performance of mobile, WiFi and fixed-line networks 24/7 at various locations. Parallelizing our solution with a living organism, Techship products comprise vital organs for Commsquare active probes.

Why choose Techship

It's not that Techship's products have a particular advantage themselves, but it's Techship's overall service, cooperation and support that create a competitive advantage with respect to other suppliers. Techship has the ability to open communication paths between big manufacturers and end product users, provide excellent communication, quick delivery times and be a trustful partner. Techship is like an external team member for us.

Products used in this case


"Techship is not a typical supplier for Commsquare. It’s more a partner, an external team member, that apart from supplying good quality products to us quickly, flexibly and at reasonable cost, they also provide excellent support and cooperation at all levels."

/ Konstantinos Kyritsis, Product Manager DAP Commsquare Hellas Ltd.

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