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19 September 2019

EXTRA Computer

EXTRA Computer GmbH is a German manufacturer of business-pcs and industrial IT. Together with long-term suppliers and customers, EXTRA Computer is working on it-solutions for special purposes. Every IPC branded "exone“, "calmo“, or "Pokini“ stands for a perfect fitted solution with customized connection to the peripheral hardware.

Customized IT-solutions for special purposes

The Challenge

Customers tell us their important claims to the finished product. Then we do the research and development and try to fit as best as possible to the customers visions.

The Benefits

Our customers benefit from our speed, our know-how and the prices of their new products as well as the long-term availability of our products, they can get the same configuration up to 10 years. Also they do not need to place orders with MOQ, in most situations we can build their customized industrial-PC starting with lot size 1, our flexibility makes us and our PCs unique. We provide solutions to our partners that fit into the already existing structures. Starting from performance and design up to specific components like wireless modules.

Why choose Techship

We choose Techship mostly because of their product range, also we get best support. We often need to test compatibility of wireless-modules to both hardware and software, so the know-how of our contact persons helps us a lot at saving time and money. We have already chosen many different modules from Techship, most common are the miniPCIe or M.2 Wireless Modules from Sparklan. Working together with Techship will be closer and stronger in the future. The industry is going wireless, and so are we!

Products used in this case


"In big contracts we might get better prices from other suppliers, but you can´t get any better support or a better availability of near-EOL-modules than Techship has."

/ Uwe Silberhorn, Product Manager, EXTRA Computer

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Techship is helping customers all over the world to integrate wireless components in their systems and products. Below some of the many customer projects Techship has been involved in and what the customers think about us…

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