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21 May 2019


Livewire Digital, a privately owned UK company, designs Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions that provide reliable, optimised communications links operating over cellular, terrestrial and satellite services.

RazorLink Smart Networking

RazorLink Smart Networking is a unique, cross platform, transparent, Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution that addresses the issues of using Wide Area Networks (WAN) without changing the user’s applications or workflows, while running on COTS hardware as well as in Cloud Server farms. As an example the SilverBlade II combines 4G modems, LAN access via Wi-Fi and Ethernet, and a connection for external WAN services such as DSL or satellite, to provide Hybrid Communications as a Service (HCaaS). Broadcasters use the SilverBlade II to stream any media either directly to their production offices, or into a cloud store for later processing and editing. They do not worry about bandwidth or service providers, they simply press send on their laptop, pad or phone. Blue light services use Silverblade to have solid data communications on the go, particularly in rural settings where 4G data services are sparse or unreliable, and in cities where bandwidth competition is high. The Razorlink software addresses these issues by providing optimised, resilient and secure access to their control rooms and cloud services which are simple to configure and deploy.

The Challenge

The challenge is to address the performance of Wide Area Networks (WAN) and the management of these issues, including usability, limited or no access, poor cost awareness and expensive IT service management. By de-coupling the applications from the WAN, we solve the limited performance of the WAN, without any custom engineering or consultancies for each individual user or application – in the office or on-the-go. Razorlink Smart Networking offers corporates and SMEs a communications solution in a uniform and time efficient manner, by combining bonding, WAN optimisation, security, and cost management of network services.

The Benefits

The ability to optimise WAN and Cloud workflows improves access to applications and usability of new, current and legacy services. The quality of experience extends from the corporate office to home- and mobile workers. Deploying Razorlink Smart Networking provides IT management a rapid solution to improve connectivity and reduce costs without having to change applications or workflows.

Why choose Techship

Techship is a reliable and assuring partner that you can build on. When dealing with short lead times in an international market, having the right component in time can make all the difference. Techship customer and technical support has been great, providing detailed knowledge of their products and offering solutions for specific markets – showing they understand the wireless market and it’s regulations very well. By providing reliable delivery times and quality products, it is a pleasure to work with Techship.

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"Techship has been great in providing rapid turnaround services and in-depth technical support, allowing us to provide Razorlink Smart Networking to our demanding international customer base."

/ Tristan Wood, MD Livewire Digital Ltd. Livewire

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