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04 November 2019


Locomarine is specialized in manufacturing, integration, project developing and installation of specialized marine electronics. Locomarine manufactures high-end WiFi/LAN network infrastructure solutions for yachts and big ships, marine computers and displays.

Yacht Router

Yacht Router, is a complete network infrastructure solution manufactured by Locomarine. It is dedicated for yachts or boats of any size. Yacht Router devices will help you to easily install, setup and control Internet connection on your yacht. Yacht Router solution is designed by professionals specialized in yacht communication systems in collaboration with experienced yacht captains. The result is a system that is simple to operate, maintain and control. Underneath a simple touch user interface, Yacht Router is the solution with industry level of reliability, performance and highest level of security.

The Challenge

It is essential for yachts, especially mega yachts, to operate reliable systems with multiple internet sources (satellite, mobile, WiFi) that is very simple to operate.

The Benefits

The most important part of Yacht Router solutions is Yacht Router Control Software, which is designed to simplify setup and control of the system. Bonded with powerful and reliable hardware, we manage to produce solutions preferred by captains around the world.

Why choose Techship

One of the most important demand for us as developers of comprehensive technological solutions, is to have reliable partners that will support us both on a technological and business level. Techship is one of them.

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"Techship is a very cooperative, responsive and reliable company."

/ Berislav Ortynski, General Mangager, Locomarine

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