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06 April 2018


Netcelero Ltd is an established provider of cloud solutions that give businesses everywhere improved internet connectivity, access to realtime data anywhere, enhanced firewall security and key analytics at their fingertips.

Monitoring CCTV cameras remotely

The challenge

Our challenge is to monitoring CCTV cameras remotely in rural areas where there is no fixed line connection.

The benefits

By incorporating a wireless modem, this enables monitoring centres to access real time high definition camera streams. This is easy to deploy, cost effective and portable. Site can be up and running on day one as not beholden to fixed line provider schedules.

Why choose Techship

Techship has a large portfolio of modems and are experts in this area. Delivery times are excellent and communication is key. We have always been well informed of any potential end of life components and been provided with suggested replacements to trial. Techship understand our business. Very comparable on price, with availability, product range and turnaround times bringing the real value. Always very helpful with the ability to understand our query and advise accordingly, excellent support.

Products used in this case

"Techship is a great partner to have, they understand our business and are well informed on roadmap of wireless manufacturers. The newsletter keeps us updated with new products and we trust them as a supplier and an expert in their product ranges, as they have supported us for a number of years now."

/ Sarah Herman, CEO Netcelero Ltd

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