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04 May 2020


Robustel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial quality solutions for the IoT and M2M market. Robustel’s portfolio of award-winning solutions are comprised of: Wireless Modems, Routers, Gateways, EDGE Computing, Cloud Software and End-to-End IoT solutions. Today Robustel’s solutions can be found in every corner of the "Connected World" providing IoT solutions to industries as varied as: Security, Vending, Retail, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Industrial Production & Automation, Transportion, Environmental Services and Healthcare. Robustel are committed to helping businesses and industries across the world, whom is working to solve their IoT & M2M problems with robust, secure, scalable and creative solutions from hardware to complete "IoT in a box" services.

Robustel provides award-winning industrial solutions for the IoT and M2M market

The Challenge

Robustel's customers need to connect assets in remote locations or areas with limited access (e.g. secure plant or factory environments). Often times accessing these remote assets even for routine maintenance can be extremely expensive or in some instances hazardous.

The Benefits

The easiest way to connect to these assets is by using one of Robustel’s many cost-effective IoT gateways or routers to manage them using wireless/cellular internet access. Once connected to a Robustel device our customers can interact with the asset as if they were plugged in directly, even from another office or even another country for monitoring, remote access, and control.

Why choose Techship

Fast turnaround of stock at a competitive price with a very helpful and collaborative business approach.

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"Techship helped Robustel overcome a situation that could have been severely impactful on longterm profitability and relationships with partners; our experience was quite simply fantastic."

/ Sarun Kub, Sales VP EMEA at Robustel

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