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12 November 2021


Syslogic is a leading tech company in the Embedded industry and is pioneering digitalization. Syslogic’s embedded computers are the hardware base for making tomorrow’s trends reality and to tackle fundamental challenges of our time.

Syslogic develops and manufactures its own embedded computers in Europe. The tried and tested hardware is based on processor technology by NVIDIA and Intel. The systems are used all over the world in applications that require particularly robust and durable devices. Applications include railway, agriculture, construction machinery, smart city, special-purpose vehicles, and mobile robots.

Syslogic embedded technology is designed and manufactured for extreme conditions

The Challenge

Syslogic embedded computers are used wherever environmental conditions are particularly challenging. The devices withstand extreme temperatures, dust, humidity, moisture as well as shock and vibration. In addition, they are often used in 24/7 operation. As such, the devices must be extremely robust and durable.

The Benefits

Syslogic offers embedded technology that is designed and manufactured specifically for extreme environmental conditions. Syslogic offers AI-enabled (Artificial Intelligence) embedded systems. These are among the most robust on the market and are paving the way for new applications. Be it in agricultural technology, public transport, smart cities or autonomous mobile robots.

Why choose Techship

Good solution expert, support responses, transparent communication, and competitive prices.

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"Techship has been a pleasure to work with. Their deep technical knowledge paired with excellent service and lead times have helped us greatly in delivering our systems to our customers on time in the past few months"

/ Christian Binder, Head of Production and Strategic Purchasing Syslogic

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