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06 April 2018

Viprinet Europe

Viprinet Europe GmbH develop, produce, and sell networking products and SD-WAN solutions worldwide. With its SD-WAN solution, Viprinet allows for an entirely new kind of connection for stationary as well as for mobile sites – highly available, fast and cost-effective. All Viprinet products are made in Germany and fulfill the highest standards of security and confidentiality.

Innovative network components

The challenge

Viprinet develops and manufactures LTE modules to be used in all Viprinet routers. The challenge is that Viprinet needs to continuously develop and update the router firmware which also affects the included modules.

The benefits

Reliable bonding of LTE. It provides LTE connection, thereby allowing the customer to bond LTE together with other WAN types like xDSL, cable, satellite.

Why choose Techship

Techship is always responsive to our questions, and offers an excellent price-performance ratio (given our low batch sizes). Very fast delivery, high quality, very cooperative and friendly, provides us with up-to-date information. Overall support by Techship is very good: high availability and fast responses.

Photos: Frauke Bönsch

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"Techship is a very cooperative company which offers an excellent price-performance ratio. We are very satisfied and will continue to work with Techship in the future."

/ Maik Rauth, Senior Production Manager at Viprinet Europe GmbH

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