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06 April 2018

Virtual Access (Ireland)

Virtual Access (Ireland) Ltd is a telecommunications equipment and solution provider. We offer a range of devices that are used to deliver wired and wireless managed connectivity services for telecommunications operators and large enterprises. Over the years our technology has evolved from TDM and ISDN systems to various broadband technologies including DSL, GSM/GPRS/3G/4G LTE/CDMA450, Ethernet in the First Mile and VoIP. Today, our solutions are delivered into many sectors including Smart Grids, Industrial and Transport Infrastructure, Payment Systems, Retail and Lotteries and WiFi for in-vehicle management connectivity. Our solutions include rugged devices for industrial and harsh environments, dual SIM and dual path routers for IoT and M2M.

Providing multiple interface options including fixed and mobile connectivity

The challenge

All our routers have mobile interface(s) so we require a mini PCI express 3G/4G module.

The benefits

It’s a standard requirement in our customers solutions to provide mobile interfaces. It allows Virtual Access to provide multiple interface options including fixed and mobile connectivity. With the correct radio module, we can provide a working solution, it’s a must requirement.

Why choose Techship

Originally it was for Ericsson modules and the partnership continued. Main pro is Techship's understanding of the market and technologies and ability to obtain information from the manufacturer. For the modules we use we get a very good price. We always require help in obtaining modules with unusual LTE band requirements and also if there any support issues. Excellent response and always available.

Products used in this case


"Virtual Access has been working with Techship for over 8 years to provide radio modules for our extensive product range. During this period, Techship has been an excellent partner, providing efficient technical support, quick lead times and guidance on new developments and product road maps."

/ Michael Burke, Pre Sales Engineering Manager Virtual Access (Ireland) Ltd

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