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20 October 2021

Voleatech GmbH, Germany

Voleatech, the German Networking Linux Company, has evolved from a startup to a leading provider of advanced networking firewalls and industrial routers.

VT AIR is the powerful next generation firewall plattform for business, enterprise and the industrial sector. The smart technology, developed from Voleatech, is open source based and combines the advantages of both worlds: the professionalism and quality of the enterprise world and the transparency, security and cost efficiency of the open source world. One reason companies trust our technologies and use them in demanding environments. VT AIR is supported by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Germany.

Enterprise Firewall, VT AIR is the next generation firewall for the demanding enterprise market. It belongs to the third generation of firewall technology. It combines proven technologies in a rack, desktop or virtual appliance.

Industrial Router, the Advanced Industrial Router VT AIR 300 is a German technology product that was specially developed for a demanding industrial environment and its harsh requirements.

The VT AIR 300 is tailor-made for critical infrastructures and complex industrial environments that have to be renewed or even completely reorganized as a result of digital change. The VT AIR 300 is extremely flexible and has optional offers up to 2x DSL (SHDSL or VDSL) and LTE/3G.

The VT AIR Firewall technology secure customers network infrastructure


Voleatech’s customers need to protect their devices and networks with a strong, powerful and feature rich firewall solution that also allows flexible and reliable connection via different technologies like LTE, DSL or SFP.


Using Voleatechs proven VT AIR Firewall technology enables the customer to have a secure, well connected and feature rich solution to secure their network infrastructure.

Why choose Techship

We only can implement our business with first-class, reliable, innovative and cooperative suppliers. Techship is not only one of them. Techship is our partner.

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"The philosophy of our developers is clearly defined – the focus is on the customers. This is expressed in two principles: on the one hand, technology has to be innovative, on the other hand it has to be intelligent and intuitive – only then will the customer have the maximum benefit. For this we need a reliable and first-class partner. This is the reason why we work with Techship."

/ Sven Auhagen, CEO Voleatech GmbH, Germany

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