Sierra Wireless EM7455 is not detected in the system when using the M.2 to USB adapter board

Question: Sierra Wireless EM7455 module is not detected in the operating system when using the M.2 to USB adapter board

Solution: For Sierra Wireless EM7455 you will have to change the state of the jumper JP1 on the board. This controls the Dynamic Power Control (DPR) pin in M.2 socket. You can either remove the jumper piece and leave all 3 pins not connected or set it low by connecting the pins 2 and 3 with the jumper piece..

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What connection manager software to use for cellular modules in Windows?

Question: Is there any Windows connection manager software available for connecting cellular modules when running Windows?

Solution: For most cellular modules you can use Windows built in connection manager when you install the correct Windows drivers for the module. If you're using Windows 7, make sure to have the latest Windows updates also since the WWAN connection manager was not included in the initial release. For Sierra ..

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How to install Huawei drivers in Windows 10 for modules with Qualcomm chipset?

Question: How to install Huawei drivers in Windows 10 for modules with Qualcomm chipset?

Solution: First install this driver from product page. Afterwards open Windows Device Manager and locate the HUAWEI named device with warning sign. Right click on it and select update driver software... Select Browse my computer for driver s..

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Sierra Wireless MC7455 is not detected by the operating system.

Question: Sierra Wireless MC7455 is not detected by the operating system.

Solution: Not all miniPCIe interfaces can support USB 3.0 according to the pin configuration Sierra Wireless have chosen. USB 3.0 support is not defined in mPCIe standard by default and therefore conflicts can occur with some system boards even if the MC7455 will in most cases switch to USB 2.0 if 3.0 isn't s..

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Multiple network devices are shown in Windows for my Sierra Wireless module

Question: The Sierra Wireless MC7304 shows multiple connections in Windows. I only want to use one, is there a way to turn off the other?

Solution: Sending the following AT Commands to the modules AT COM interface will change the USB profile used and the second connection interface will be disabled. 1. AT!ENTERCND=”A710” 2. AT!UDUSBCOMP=6 3. AT!RESET

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I can't get the GPS to work in MikrotikOS

Question: I have a Huawei module and I want to use the GPS. I can't get it to work. What shall I do?

Solution: In your MikrotikOS, make the following settings. Make sure that you have a USB port that you're going to send the GPS data over, then send /ports print This will give you a list over the active ports you can use. Note the name of your USB port. Now check what name the USB port have and make sure..

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Baud rate for modules.

Question: What is the baud rate when communicating with a module through a serial interface?

Solution: The baud rate needs to be set to 9600bps when communicating with a module through a serial interface.

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What is GLONASS?

Question: I can see that my module supports GLONASS? What is that?

Solution: GLONASS is the Russian variant of the American GPS. There is no clear advantage in form of coverage or accuracy when using either of the technology, but when used together you will have a total of 55 satellites to help you pin-point your position.

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What's the difference between GNSS and GPS?

Question: The module states that it supports GNSS. What is the difference between GPS and GNSS?

Solution: GNSS is a collection of different techniques for global positioning. GNSS stands for Global Navigation Satelite System, and in GNSS different systems are included. It includes Global Positioning system (GPS), Global Navigation System (GLONASS) and Galileo. If a module support GPS, it can only use ..

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How do I downgrade the firmware on Huawei modules?

Question: I want to a firmware downgrade to a previous version on a Huawei module, how can this be achieved?

Solution: Huawei have restricted the possibility to downgrade any of their modules. This is because it can damage the memory of the module and write over the base band controller. However, if you want a specific firmware, please contact

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