When the connection to LTE is dropped, I'm moved to the WCDMA (3G) network. When LTE becomes available again, I'm still stuck in WCDMA over a period before switched to LTE. Can this switch be made faster?


The switch between technologies is decided by the operator. The general rule is that a switch shall not be made unless it's needed, for example, loss of connection. When the module have a WCDMA connection with an ongoing stream of data, and LTE becomes available, the operator wants the stream of data to end before a switch is made.


What requirements and steps are needed to get our end-devices certified for US network operator AT&T when it consists of a pre-certified cellular module inside?


The AT&T Certification consists of the following components bellow where the major part is end device FCC and PTCRB certification.
For latest details regarding certification and requirements, please see:

AT&T Certification
• Pre-Requisites to enter lab for Network Ready, Approved Module certification:
- AT&T Certified Module (
- Device FCC & PTCRB Certification
- Antenna pre-scan results

• Start-up Activities
- Register (no charge) and submit your device through: approximately 1 month before lab entry for NR
- Tentative Lab Entry (LE) date set
- Complete AT&T 13289 Tab H (Device Feature Matrix) (required 4 weeks prior to LE if NO or higher certification) *
- PTCRB & FCC Complete (i.e. all fees paid and posted in PTCRB database)
- Review of PTCRB & FCC documentation
- Approval for LE and LE date confirmed
- Shipping details sent to Partner (if applicable)

• Lab Testing (2 Weeks, but dependent on certification type)
• Technical Approval (TA) - device is ready to launch

There are several accredited test certificate labs that are familiar with the process and can produce the needed reports and certificates for the AT&T device approval.

An estimated cost of end-device certification process at 3rd party certification lab (with pre-certified module) including the United States FCC and PTCRB certificates plus other reports needed are 25k - 30k USD.

(Requirements checked May 2017)

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