Huawei guide and support API Library available for sending AT commands over the MBIM interface in Windows 8 and 10 systems 2017-08-17 15:30:28

Microsoft advice cellular module manufacturers to move over to Mobile Broadband Interface Model (MBIM) for signaling and controlling of the cellular connections used in Microsoft Windows operating systems version 8.x, 10.
Therefore Huawei modules supported in Windows 8 and later only enumerate the USB network interface using MBIM towards host system and no longer expose the traditional serial interfaces for AT commands etc. that are available in and familiar from Linux and Windows 7 systems.

The connections can be controlled graphically in Windows by the systems built in connection manager as well as by commands in the command prompt starting with: netsh mb

In order to still access functionality not available over MBIM interface, there is a helper API available from Huawei that can be used for sending AT commands and receive the responses over the MBIM interface.
Please see the linked FAQ and downloadable archive for documentation, sample application and API .dll file for further information.

FAQ: Why is there no serial interface for AT-commands available in Microsoft Windows 8/10?