New product related manuals, certifications, firmware and SDK files available 2017-05-26 10:58:48

There is now new and updated technical content available for several products on our website, it can be found under the related products or through the links bellow.

CE RED Compliance Statements for Sierra Wireless Airprime EM/MC series modules targeted for European market regions. This includes the following modules: MC7304, MC7455, MC7430, EM7305, EM7455 and EM7430.

CE RED Certificates for Huawei M.2 form factor modules: ME906s-158, ME936 and MU736 and Huawei LGA/SMT form factor modules: MU609, MU709s-2 and ME909s-120.

CE RED Certificate for ZTE ME3630.

New firmware for SimCom SIM7100E, version B06 (4534B06SIM7100E) released and available for customer application compatibility testing. It enables support for Transport Layer Security V1.2 optimization of SIM identification, network auto switching mode, GPS and voice/audio features and bug fixes of TTS and SMS receipt. New and updated AT commands, refer to latest AT commands manual for correct reference document.

New Firmware for Sierra Wireless EM/MC7455 V. (generic carrier) released and available for customer application compatibility testing. It includes several bug fixes, optimizations and additional/updated QMI commands, please review the included release notes for full list of changes.

New version of Sierra Wireless Linux QMI SDK V.04.00.06 and related Linux QMI GobiNet and GobiSerial S2.38 N2.42 drivers.