New firmware update tool available for SIMCom SIM53xx- and SIM7xxx- series cellular modules 2017-08-03 16:13:07

SIMCom have recently released a new Microsoft Windows based firmware update tool for their SIM53xx- series and SIM7xxx- series cellular modules.
The new firmware update tool combine all the previously released tools for the above mentioned modules as well as simplify the firmware update process.

How to perform a firmware update in Microsoft Windows systems:
- Install the SIMCom Microsoft Windows drivers according to manual included in the ZIP archive.
- Download the desired firmware version for your SIMCom module from the product pages at
- Unpack the firmware update file archive.
- Apply the firmware update to the SIMCom module with the firmware update tool according to the readme file included.

If there are questions about the firmware update process etc. please contact us at Techship or create a technical support ticket through website for further assistance.