Product Change Notifications for Simcom SIM5360 series, SIM800C and SIM800F 2017-08-11 13:10:52

SIMCom have announced product changes to the following cellular modules: SIM5360 series, SIM800C and SIM800F.

SIM5360 series:
The original WCDMA/GSM PAs, Antenna Switch and FLASH components used in SIM5360 series have been phased out, and therefore replaced with equivalent new ones.

SIM800C and SIM800F:
New MediaTek D/C MT6261 chipset selected for SIM800C/F. The function and performance have been verified and confirmed by MediaTek and SIMCom.

SIMCom declare that the changes don not affect the customers applications, but In order to distinguish the modules that implements the changes, a updated SIMCom product number have been assigned to the modules.

Should you have additional questions concerning these product changes or want further details, please contact us at Techship.