Sierra Wireless Linux QMI SDK V.04.00.05 and QMI drivers S2.27 N2.41 released 2017-04-21 15:57:40

Sierra Wireless have released a new version of their Linux QMI SDK and the related Linux QMI GobiNet and GobiSerial drivers.
The SDK package contains now a Lite version and a Full version API that can be selected depending on the application needs and capabilities.

Lite APIs: this is a tiny version adapted to low memory footprint. This layer is only managing QMI messages encoding (request) and decoding (response/indication) through function calls.

Full APIs: this is a more complete version adapted to less constrained environment. It comes with some processes handling memory allocations, timers, machine-state to provide features such as: modem detection/scanning, modem mode management: application or boot-hold(firmware download), QMI port multiplex for applications & scheduling, modem firmware update

The Linux QMI drivers version S2.27 N2.41 now supports kernel versions from 2.6.32 to 4.8.