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15 January 2018

Software Development Kit available for Simcom SIM7000-series LTE Cat-M/NB-IoT/GSM cellular modules

15 January 2018

Simcom have released a new Software Development Kit for embedding customized customer applications (written in C) directly on the SIM7000 series cellular modules.

By running your customized IoT applications directly on the cellular module, you can further decrease the power consumption and project cost since no additional MCU is required. The SDK provides many interfaces assisting you in the development of the applications, including AT command operations, thread operations, EFS operations, GPIO/I2C/ADC and other libraries. Multi-threads are supported by using the thread APIs. Up to 1M DDR memory and full EFS space can be used. When the application (DAM Downloadable Application Module) are in idle, the module will enter sleep mode, any interrupt will wake up the module again.

The Software Development Kit can be accessed through the product and direct links bellow.

SimCom SIM7000 series Downloadable Application Module:
• Powerful: based on C language, a powerful programming language and can perform complex calculation as programming on module firmware directly.
• Simplicity: provides many interfaces to assist you develop applications easily including AT command operation, thread operation, EFS operation, GPIO/I2C/ADC and other operation libraries.
• Efficiency: C language is the fastest language besides ASM language. By using it, you do not need to care whether their application can perform so quickly to handle software/hardware operation.
• Extensibility: provides many easy-to-use interfaces which can provide most commonly-used functions. Customer can also develop their own libraries like database(sqlite) or compress utility(zip) easily.
• Multi-threads support: supports multi thread running in the module, by using the thread APIs, customer applications can do many powerful functions.
• Big memory: provides up to 1M DDR memory and full EFS space for customer applications to use. With big memory support, customer can write very complicated applications in multiple C source files.
• Powerful periphery operation: provides powerful APIs to let customer applications operate numerous periphery devices.
• Flexible: don’t rely on module’s version, the Downloadable Application Module (DAM) will run successfully even if the module’s version was updated.
• Good power utilizing: enables better power consumption efficiency compared separate external MCU. Also, when DAM are idle(call tx_event_flags_get or tx_thread_sleep), the module will enter sleep mode as it needs. Any interrupt will wake up the SIM7000 module.


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2018-01-15 10:00:45
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