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12 February 2018

Telit LM940 - Firmware available for European region

12 February 2018

The new Telit LM940 LTE Cat 11 module have received a firmware update (V.24.01.551) that enables support for European region LTE networks and Carrier Aggregation combinations used to increase data throughput according to the 3GPP LTE Advanced standard releases.

The following networks bands are supported and activated with this firmware release:
LTE Bands: 1(2100), 3(1800), 7(2600), 8(900), 20(800), 28(700), 38(TD2600), 40(TD2300).
WCDMA Bands: 1 (2100), 8 (900).

The Carrier Aggregation combinations supported are: 1A+3A, 1A+7A, 1A+8A, 1A+20A, 1A+28A, 3A+3A, 3A+7A, 3A+8A, 3A+20A, 3A+28A, 3A+38A, 3A+40A, 7A+7A, 7A+8A, 7A+20A, 7A+28A, 7A+7A, 3C, 7B, 7C, 38C, 40C, 1A+3A+8A, 1A+3A+20A, 1A+3A+28A, 1A+7A+20A, 1A+7A+28A, 1A+3C, 3A+7B 3A+7C, 3C+7A, 3A+7A+8A, 3A+7A+20A, 3A+7A+28A, 3A+3A+8A, 3C+20A, 3A+20A+38A, 3A+38C, 3A+40C, 7B+28A, 7C+28A, 28A+40C, 40D

For customers we've already distributed samples of the LM940 to, please use the Microsoft Windows based update tool linked bellow to apply the update.

Please note that this is a European region only firmware, a multi firmware image update covering several market regions and enabling firmware switching will be provided later on.

This Windows based firmware updater applies firmware V.24.01.5X2 image pack to Telit LM940.
It contains Generic firmware version for used for most network operators as well as the specific configurations used US network operators Verizon and AT&T.
The default firmware loaded is the Generic firmware version, please relate to the AT commands guide regarding details on firmware configuration switching.


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2018-01-18 16:54:23
Last updated
2018-05-16 08:34:09
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Telit LM940 Drivers
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