The latest Huawei ME909s series firmware introduces new module feature 2017-05-19 16:43:47

The Huawei ME909s series modules can now support dual ethernet over USB interfaces (CDC-ECM) and Access Point Names in cellular network with latest firmwares. (ME909s-120: 11.617.06.00.00, ME909s-820: 11.617.04.00.00)
This allowes the host system to configure two separate APN details and connections that can be simultaneously active on different ethernet interfaces to host.
It can be useful in several project applications where the data connections are required to be distinguished from each other.

This functionality requires that your network operator also configure and enable your SIM subscription to allow several separate APN connections.

More details about the feature and how it is configured can be found in the FAQ section for Huawei ME909s series modules listed bellow.