M.2 - mPCIe adapter Key E

Article Number: 10338
Brand: BPlus
Supplier number: M2MP1-E-TECHSHIP

This adapter allows the user to use M.2 (NGFF) module in an mPCIe Slot in the users desktop or laptop. The adapter supports the system bus interface PCIe&USB2.0. It also supports USB interface of mini PCI express modules such as LTE, 3G,CDMA, WWAN, HSPA, GPS, WiMAX and Bluetooth No drivers are needed for this M.2 to mini PCI-E Card Adapter.


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54.5x30x3 mm
Module KEY
Technical details:
This adapter only supports m.2 (NGFF) Key E modules. For modules with Key A, please see 10337 and for Key B please see 10358.

What is a key? What is the difference between the keys?


When talking about the m.2 format, a key is a way to limit the type of product that can be connected to the interface.

A key represent by what interfaces that the m.2 device can communicate with the host device. It also tells how many lanes the device can use. The amount of lanes will affect the speed.

In the m2m and IoT world, one would need to know the following about keys. Cellular modules with the m.2. format has a m.2 key of type B and a WiFi module has an m.2. key of type E. This means that you need to check your m.2. slot to make sure that the kind of module you want really fits.

A heads up: There exists keys of type A and type M as well, and more will be added in the future. Check so your m.2 slot kas the right key for the right product you want.

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