M.2 to mPCIe adapter USB3.0 dual SIM (V3.0)

Article Number: 11139
Brand: BPlus
Supplier number: M2BU3S-U3D V3.0

The M.2 to mini PCIe adapter adapter is designed to convert a cellular M.2 card (key B) to be used in a full or half sized mPCIe card slot.

This adapter has two SIM card holders and supports USB3.0.

Please observe!
When using generic 3rd party adapters with 5G cellular data card modules, always ensure compatibility for pin-out definitions, signal voltage level, and power output capabilities for your selected cellular module, the adapter and host board prior to using the adapters. Failure to do so can result in malfunctioning systems or hardware damage to the parts.

Please see our MP series adapters for more data interface options. You can choose the Techship MP201-S Adapter which supports USB2/USB3, the Techship MP301-S Adapter that supports PCIe & USB2 or the Techship MP101-S Adapter that supports USB2 only.


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