MiniPCIe to USB 3.1 adapter - dual SIM slots

Article Number: 10869
Brand: BPlus
Supplier number: U0403A PCBA V2.2

The miniPCIe to USB 3.1 adapter card provides an easy way to connect miniPCIe based data cards supporting both USB2 and USB3 data interface to your host system using a standard USB3 slot (type A).

The adapter also includes two Mini SIM card holders connecting both primary and secondary SIM interface of cellular module to the respective SIM card holder.

- MiniPCIe full size to USB board.
- USB 3.1 type A male connector.
- 2 x Mini (2FF) SIM-slots.

Devices tested to support USB3 and dual sim functionality using this adapter:
On-board selector switch SW1 set to "LM940":
- Telit LM940 HW Rev. 1
- Sierra Wireless MC7455 and MC7430
On-board selector switch SW1 set to "LM960":
- Telit LM960A18
- Telit LM940 HW Rev. 2

Selector switch SW2 controls the w_disable signal pin to the miniPCIe socket:
- State 1-2: signal pulled up to 3.3VDC via 5.1k Ohm resistor.
- State 2-3: signal pulled down to ground.


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We suggest Techship PU201 Adapter (mPCIe to USB3 type A, Dual SIM, Generic)
as replacement for this module.

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Form Factor
USB type A