mPCIe to USB adapter card 4pin cable

Article Number: 10610
Supplier number: MPCIE-USB WITH CABLE

The miniPCIe to USB adapter PCB board with 4pin connector header enables you to connect your full size miniPCIe (USB based) data card to a host systems USB interface. The adapter board also includes a standard sized (2FF) mini SIM card holder necessary for usage with cellular module data cards.

The adapter boards connector header is of type 4-pin JST XH 2.5mm and included is also a ~85mm long male to male interface cable.

Package contains:
- miniPCIe (full size) to USB2 adapter board with (2FF) standard mini SIM card holder
- 4 pin USB 2.0 cable, length ~85mm, 2x JST XH 2.5mm 4-Pin male connectors


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Form Factor
USB 4-pin
Technical details:
The USB 5.0 volt to 3.3 volt DC step down IC is of type MIC4721 and can supply an output current of up to 1.5A with approximately 90% efficiency.

The adapter works with miniPCIe modules that uses the USB data interface in socket, like cellular WWAN modules. For Wifi cards that rely on PCI express data interface instead, this adapter isn't suitable.
Datasheet and description of the JST XH 2.5mm connectors and headers.


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2019-01-28 16:57:47
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2019-01-28 16:57:48
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mPCIe to USB adapter card 4pin cable

What is the pin out definition of the USB connector header on product 10610 miniPCIe to USB 4 pin cable?


Please refer to attached image, the pins of the USB board are in the following order:
Data +
Data -
+5V DC

The connector type is a 4-pin JST XH 2.5mm header.