Sierra Wireless M.2 Developer Kit EM9/EM76 Series

Article Number: 11131
Brand: Sierra Wireless
Supplier number: 6001349

NOTE This board does not contain any module, which needs to be bought separately.

Sierra Wireless M.2 Developer Kit EM9/EM76 series is used to help users to create and define applications when using the AirPrime EM9/EM76 series embedded modules.

The Development Kit provides following interfaces:
• Multiple power supply inputs
• M.2 interface to connect the EM9 series embedded module
• Host interfaces
• SIM sockets
• Debugging ports
• System interfaces
• RF bridges
• mmWave interface (power supply and control signals)


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Sierra Wireless M.2 Developer Kit EM9/EM76 User Guide


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2020-11-19 13:51:57
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2021-01-21 09:54:19
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Sierra Wireless M.2 Developer Kit EM9/EM76 Series

Why does not our EM9190/EM9091/EM7690 appear in our system when connected to our host board?


The Sierra 5G (EM919x) modules and EM7690 has the PCIe host interface as default, as compared to the USB interface. This differs from most other modules on today's market and can be a reason as to why the module is not appearing in your system.

First, make sure that there are no pin-conflicts between the adapter/host board and the module. To avoid any incompatibilities we recommend the Sierra Wireless development Kit (11131)).

To change the host interface from PCIe to USB using the development kit please do the following;
Slide SW201 to the USB connector (CN204).
Change CN203 jumper from 2-3 to 1-2.

What happens when slide SW201 is switched is that pin #20 (PCIE_DIS) is set to high (1.8V) and selects USB as host interface. Changing the jumper on the CN203 sets pin #22 (VBUS_SENSE) to high (3.135 - 4.2 V) which is used to detect USB during USB connection.

This is further explained in the Sierra Development Kit User Guide and the EM919X-EM7690 Product Technical Specification. These documents are linked to this FAQ and can also be found on the product pages under the "technical documentation" tab.

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