Techship MC201 Adapter (M.2 key B to USB-C, Dual SIM)

Article Number: 11822
Brand: Techship
Supplier number: TECHSHIP M.2_TO_USBC_ADAPTER_MC201 PCB V1.0 (ES3)

Fast-forward your IoT transition with Techship’s MC201 adapter board designed for 5G and 4G mobile broadband cellular data cards. ​

In-house designed by the Techship engineering team for optimal hardware compatibility with M.2 cellular data cards and it comes with an enclosure that has a small footprint. Locally manufactured in Sweden for high-quality and flexible production.​

Seamlessly use 5G and 4G cellular data cards with the modern M.2 form factor in the MC201 adapter board. Tailored to be used for 5G applications where you already have computer power and require a cellular connection via USB.​

The MC201 board is also useful as a flexible and cost-effective development kit. It is a handy alternative to your own hardware platform and software environment during the cellular data card integration phase and for your products life-cycle maintenance. The MC201 is designed to fit the Raspberry Pi and can make use of its GPIO signals but can also be used as a stand-alone adapter with any board capable of USB data signals.​

If you'd like the MC201 along with its enclosure and RF cable assemblies, follow this link to the webshop: Techship MC201 with Enclosure and RF Cables

Key features
·40 pin GPIO header socket which fits the Raspberry Pi 3 and 4​
·Sturdy DC-DC step-down power supply circuitry ​
·Extra ceramic capacitors for improved voltage stability​
·5 to 14 V DC external power supply input possible​
·Dual SIM cards​
·Thermal planes for heat dissipation with thermal pads​
·Data interface selection jumpers (vendor specific)​
·Discharge circuitry when USB plug power supply is turned off​
·Enclosure specially designed for the MC201 and 5G modules​

Typical use cases
·Quick IoT transition​
·IoT gateway​
·Testing and evaluation​
·Data logger​
·Software integration ​
·Diagnostics ​
·Log capturing​

Accessories for external power supply:
·11721 AC Power Adapter, EU Plug, 12VDC, 2.5/5.5mm DC Jack
·11720 AC Power Adapter, US Plug, 12VDC, 2.5/5.5mm DC Jack

Accessories for thermal dissipation:
·11767 Thermal pad, 6W/mK, 40x28x3.0mm
(for use with single sided 30mm x 52mm M.2 cellular modems)

·11723 Thermal pad, 6W/mK, 10x28x3.0mm
·11724 Thermal pad, 6W/mK, 20x28x1.5mm
(for use with partially double sided 30mm x 52mm M.2 cellular modems)

·12488 Thermal pad, 6W/mK, 20x28x3.0mm
·11723 Thermal pad, 6W/mK, 10x28x3.0mm
(for use with single sided 30mm x 42mm M.2 cellular modems)

·11724 Thermal pad, 6W/mK, 20x28x1.5mm
·12489 Thermal pad, 6W/mK, 10x28x1.5mm
(for use with double sided 30mm x 42mm M.2 cellular modems)


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Module KEY
Supported card lengths
SIM interface
Through SIM slot on product
Nano (4FF) SIM-slot
Dual SIM interface
Form Factor
USB Type C
Data Interface
USB 3.2
USB 3.1
USB 3.0
USB 2.0
Onboard slot-in card type
M.2 key B - 3052
M.2 key B - 3050
M.2 key B - 3042
M.2 key B
Operating Temperature Range
-20 °C – 75 °C

Datasheet for Techship MU201 M.2 key B to USB3 type A adapter


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2023-05-16 15:16:44
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