Telit EVK Charlie OE2 IoT Dev Kit

Article Number: 11305
Brand: Telit Cinterion
Supplier number: 3990150657

Charlie, a next-gen Telit IoT evaluation kit, is a quick and easy set-up for evaluating Telit’s tools and resources while building your working proof of concept for your IoT deployment.
Charlie is compatible with Arduino MKR form factor board combining a low-power ARM® Cortex®-M0 32-bit SAMD21 microprocessor with a Telit ME310 cellular module, providing global narrowband connectivity and a high-performance GNSS receiver.
Charlie can be used either alone or expanded with compatible shields and provides all building blocks to develop, prototype and deploy IoT applications.
Charlie uses Telit's Telit ME310G1-WW module.

Key Benefits
• Ideal for rapid IoT application design; all hardware building blocks are readily available
• Compatible with Arduino MKR form factor board, including a microprocessor, cellular module with GNSS receiver, motion sensor and battery charger
• Can be expanded with Arduino MKR shields
• Mounts ME310G1-WW, one of the most compact and power-efficient cellular modules available on the market, featuring LTE Cat M1/NB2 connectivity and 2G fallback
• High-performance, ultralow-power Bosch Sensortec acceleration sensor
• Fully compatible with the Arduino software development environment
• Embedded high-performance patch antenna for GNSS receiver


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Primary Technology
eMTC (Cat-M1)
NB-IoT (NB2)
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Telit EVK Charlie OE2 IoT Dev Kit
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Telit EVK Charlie OE2 IoT Dev Kit

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