Telit ME910C1-AU Developer Kit

Article Number: 10786
Manufacturer: Telit
Supplier number: ME910C1-AU DEV.KIT

Telit ME910C1-AU Developer kit is a complete solution to start developing for 10665 Telit ME910C1-AU.

It contains the Telit Evaluation Kit (EVK2) and a Telit ME910C1-AU adapter board.

The Telit Evaluation Kit (EVK2) provides a robust, future-proof and flexible environment to streamline application development for all Telit module families and cellular standards like LTE (Cat M1, Cat NB1, Cat 1, Cat3, Cat 4, Cat 6), 3G and 2G.

The kit includes a motherboard and an adapter board where the target module is connected. This concept allows the EVK2 to be used across various form factors and product generations, both present and future.

The motherboard includes the basic interfaces such as power input, SIM card holder, audio monitor outputs, RS-232, and USB; as well as a Reset button and power switch. The circuit implemented in the EVK2 motherboard is based on the recommended reference design for the module's peripheral components and I/O connections.


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